Works by Feldman Stained Glass have been used in myriad forms for a variety of clients

Larry Feldman, founder of Feldman Stained Glass, has enjoyed collaborating with many clients, some of which include: 
Andy Warhol Townhouse, New York City
Kerry Joyce Associates, LA, CA
Takashimaya, New York City
Metropolitan Life, New York City
Young & Rubicam, New York City
Charles Schulz, San Francisco
Donald Trump Mar-a-Lago Estate, Palm Beach, Fla.
Society for Jewish Science, New York City
Bergdorf Goodman, New York City
New York University, New York City
Saks Fifth Avenue, New York City
Ralph Lauren, Bedford, NY
Mitch and Lisa Kahn, Woodbury, NY
Merry and Dave Harris, Snohomish, WA